Get in Touch!

All enquiries about the Home are to be directed to the Centre Manager on
Contact number: 0205876310
Landline: 0362196665

Postal Address: Osu Children’s Home
P. O. Box GP 640
Accra – Ghana.

Working Hours: Mon – Sun 24/7

Want to Adopt?

All Adoption Enquiries are to be directed to;
(a) The Central Adoption Authority
Department of Social Welfare
Head Office – Accra.
Tel: +233303974817

(b) Department of Social Welfare
Regional Coordinating Council
Greater Accra Region

Want to make a Donation?

Cash and Material (Food, Clothes, Medicines, etc.) Donations
(a) Cash donations (physical/Cheque) are received by the Accounts Office and a government receipt bearing the name of the Home is then issued to the donor. All monies received are then deposited in the Home’s account with the Bank of Ghana to follow due process. All Cheques should be written in the name of the Osu Children’s Home.
Cash donations can therefore be made physically at the Home’s premises or through our Bank of Ghana Account Number: 1018631510027 with Swift Code: BAGHGHAC or electronically sent to our MOMO Number: 0541917701, all in the name of OSU CHILDREN’S HOME.
(b) Material donations are also received at the donations desk by the Stores Staff and a ‘Thank You’ card in which the donated items are listed, is issued accordingly.

Common  Questions

What are the processes for adoption?

All enquiries on adoption can be directed to the already given explanation, linked to the DSW, Head Office and the Adoption Authority.

What is the procedure for donation?

Making donation to the Home does not follow any particular procedure. Anyone or a group willing to donate can walk into our premises from Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm. However, anyone willing to spend some time, party or have a special treat for the children can visit or call the Manageress or Office line for such arrangements to be made.


As a government facility, it is expected that the children in our facility attends school in government schools. With that notwithstanding, there have been stances where individuals, groups and educational institutions have expressed interest in sponsoring some of our children in school or to attend a particular school. In such situations, the sponsor identifies and deals with the school directly, whilst the Home avail all the children who fall within that particular class category to the school to undergo the selection process. This is give the children a fair playing ground to exhibit their potentials through which a suitable candidate will be selected.

What are the needs of the Home?

Though, the Home is in need of everything that goes into the upkeep of children, it’s been realised that most items that are frequently donated are sweets and drinks which offer minimum benefit in the children’s upkeep. To this regard, find the attached wish list designed in the order of importance to the Home’s needs and it is subject to periodic reviews as our needs changes.


(Centre manager: 0205876310, Office Line: 0362196665)f

Momo : 0541917701 (no calls just momo)

  1. Cash
  2. Protein – eggs, chicken, fish, beef, frozen/fresh fish eg. Salmon and Kpanla.
  3. Staple foods (Maize, Cassava dough, Palm fruits, Beans, Onions, Pepper, Gari, tomatoes, etc.)
  4. Tin Tomato, Spaghetti, Milo, Milk, Sardine, Vegetable oil, Palm oil
  5. Fruits and Vegetables.
  6. Baby Formula (Lactogen II)
  7. Diapers of all sizes, including pull ups and adult diapers
  8. Wipes and disposable gloves,
  9. Computers (Desktops, and Laptops)


10. Psychiatric drugs like, Tagretol 100, 200, 400, Epilim Tablet and Syrup, Artane Tablet, Mentat Syrup, Respiredone

    tabs (0.5, 1 and 2mg), Haldol Tabs (5mg), etc.

    1. Routine Drugs – Pain Killers, Multivitamins, Vitamins, Anti – malaria, De-wormers, Tabs Phenobarb, Iron
    2. Independent living support for our older children (In Cash / Accommodation)
    3. Deep Freezers and fridges and Gas Cylinder
    4. Detergents, Soaps, Disinfectants (Bleach, Dettol etc.), Rubbing alcohol
    5. Anti-perspirant (roll-on), underwear’s for boys and girls of all sizes.
    6. Tooth paste, sponge, bathing soap, Shea-butter and shoes.
    7. Printers, Office cabinets, Workstation & Photocopier.
    8. School Suppliers (School bags, Exercise books, teaching and learning aids, Play equipment).
    9. Deep Baby Cots, Cot Sheets, bunk beds, mattresses, towels and bed sheet (all sizes)
    10. E-Library, Kitchen, old Nursery block and storeroom renovation
    11. Wheelchairs for Special Need children.
    12. Energy saving bulbs of all sizes.
    13. Regular or occasional supply of the following:-

    – Cleaning equipment (Wheel barrows, Shovels, Mowers, Mosquito net). Mops, ceiling brush, brooms, cutlass etc.

    – Painting and tiling of dormitories

    – Door locks.

    How do I sponsor the upkeep of a child in the Home?

    In order not to side-line or stigmatize any of the children at the Home, the Home in its operations encourage that all sponsorships in cash or material form are brought to the central donations desk for the benefit of all the children. And not for the sole benefit of any particular child in other not for him/her to feel being special than the other children.